Commit 57ace8c3 authored by Christophe Benz's avatar Christophe Benz
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Add build_tabulator_params

parent d8db93c7
from tabulator import helpers
def build_tabulator_params(type, name, source):
"""Return tabulator params auto-detected from `name` and `source`, handling `type=file` for Validata UI and API.
Also decode `source`.
scheme, format = helpers.detect_scheme_and_format(name)
# In case of uploaded file (we work with bytes string)
if type == 'file':
# CSV: converts to string
if format == 'csv':
scheme = 'text'
encoding = helpers.detect_encoding(source)
source = source.decode(encoding)
# Else use custom BytesLoader
scheme = 'bytes'
return {'source': source, 'format': format, 'scheme': scheme}
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