Commit 98bf02ef authored by Pierre Dittgen's avatar Pierre Dittgen
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Fix Internal server on validation

parent 47535f5f
......@@ -212,13 +212,18 @@ def validate(schema_code, source: ValidataSource):
validata_core_report = ValidatorHelper.validate(
# Validator.validate() doesn't throw FormatError if source.format is None
# Just do it manually
if source.format is None:
raise tabulator.exceptions.FormatError()
except tabulator.exceptions.FormatError:
flash_error('Erreur : format de fichier non supporté')
return redirect(url_for('scdl_validator', val_code=schema_code))
# source_errors = [err for err in validata_core_report['tables'][0]['errors'] if err['code'] == 'source-error']
source_errors = [err for err in validata_core_report['tables'][0]['errors'] if err['code'] == 'source-error']
if source_errors:
err = source_errors[0]
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