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Deploy docs-next from master

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...@@ -113,20 +113,10 @@ Build Gitbook: ...@@ -113,20 +113,10 @@ Build Gitbook:
script: script:
- rsync -avz --delete _book/ "$PDF_FILE" ${SERVER_USER}@${SERVER_HOST}:${SERVER_DIRECTORY}/ - rsync -avz --delete _book/ "$PDF_FILE" ${SERVER_USER}@${SERVER_HOST}:${SERVER_DIRECTORY}/
Deploy Gitbook prod:
extends: .Deploy Gitbook template
- master
SERVER_DIRECTORY: scdl-documentation-static
name: production
Deploy Gitbook next: Deploy Gitbook next:
extends: .Deploy Gitbook template extends: .Deploy Gitbook template
only: only:
- next - master
variables: variables:
SERVER_DIRECTORY: scdl-documentation-static-next SERVER_DIRECTORY: scdl-documentation-static-next
environment: environment:
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