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# Qualidata
# Qualidata - Iteration 0
## Project
This is the main repository for the [Qualidata project]( (FR). The goal of Qualidata is to give users feedback on the _validity_ of datasets they produce in order to help them increase their quality.
_Validity_ as understood in this project means:
- Absence of general errors in file structure or content,
- Conformity to a data schema (e.g. within the [French Socle commun des données locales](
In this project we intend to rely on well-known communities and existing projects based on state of the art technologies. In particular, we share [Frictionless Data's vision]( and choose to use some of its technical building blocks (i.e. [Good Tables](, [Data Package](, etc.).
Here are some of the principles we adhere to:
- Manage data in Git repositories with native versioning,
- Rely on continuous integration to validate or transform data,
- Add metadata to describe the datasets and their schema.
## Iteration 0
The deliverable released here is a script which takes a CSV file and a JSON file in input and outputs a potential list of errors in a terminal.
The JSON file must be a Table Schema.
For example, let's validate a file containing _prénoms_ (first names) as published in open data by the _commune_ of Digne-les-Bains for 2017, and using [the relevant JSON schema]( as created by Charles Nepote (based on [OpenData France's work](
npm start -- samples/DIGNE-PRENOMS-2017.csv --schema schemas/prenom-schema.json
samples/DIGNE-PRENOMS-2017.csv:135:4: The value "Lawai'a" does not conform to the "pattern" constraint for column "ENFANT_PRENOM"
### Specifications & libraries
- [Table Schema]( A JSON file describing a CSV file.
- [tableschema-js]( A JavaScript library that implements Table Schema specification.
### Install
## Install
Required software:
......@@ -53,10 +22,3 @@ Install dependencies:
npm install
## What we learned & what we want to do next
- Tableschema-js outputs low level errors as strings.
- [Good Tables UI]( displays errors in context of the CSV file. Next step would be to explore this and get the same results as our current script but with this UI.
- Then we want the end user to be able to select a schema in a dropdown list (e.g. "Schéma prénoms").
- Also, stakeholders (Etalab, OpenData France, la Fing...) should be onboarded on repositories (under []( dedicated to each JSON schema to converge towards a common vision. The end goal is to build shared resources (reference schemas of the SCDL) with stable URLs.
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