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......@@ -32,4 +32,4 @@ this case, a `missing-required-header` error is reported.
Validata extends frictionless, bringing additional checks (located in [custom-checks](custom-checks folder). Each check comes with or or more specific errors named as custom checks names.
For more information see [CUSTOM CHECKS](custom_checks/
For more information see [CUSTOM CHECKS](validata_core/custom_checks/
......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@
`validata-core` is a library built over [frictionless-py]( which provides tabular data validation with:
- French error messages (see [ERRORS](
- Custom checks to handle french specifics (see [CUSTOM CHECKS](custom_checks/
- Custom checks to handle french specifics (see [CUSTOM CHECKS](validata_core/custom_checks/
`validata-core` is used by [validata-ui]( and [validata-api]( as part of the [Validata project](
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