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make badge great again

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import logging
from collections import Counter
from datetime import datetime, timezone
import frictionless
......@@ -19,6 +20,54 @@ def extract_required_field_names(schema: frictionless.schema.Schema):
return field_names
def compute_badge_metrics(report, config) -> dict:
"""Compute badge metrics from report statistics and badge configuration."""
def build_badge(structure_status, body_status=None, error_ratio=None):
"""Badge info creation"""
if structure_status == 'KO':
return {
"structure": 'KO'
return {
"structure": structure_status,
"body": body_status,
"error-ratio": error_ratio
table_report = report["tables"][0]
table_stats = table_report["stats"]
# Compute number of cells
cell_total_number = table_stats['fields'] * table_stats['rows']
# No errors
if table_stats["errors"] == 0 and len(table_report["structure_warnings"]) == 0:
return build_badge('OK', 'OK', 0.0)
# Structure part
structure_status = None
structure_errors_count = len([err for err in table_report["errors"] if '#head' in err.tags or '#structure' in err.tags])
if structure_errors_count == 0:
structure_status = 'OK' if len(table_report["structure_warnings"]) == 0 else 'WARN'
return build_badge('KO')
# body part
value_errors = [err for err in table_report["errors"] if "#body" in err.tags]
if len(value_errors) == 0:
return build_badge(structure_status, 'OK', 0.0)
# Computes error ratio
weight_dict = config['body']['errors-weight']
err_code_counter = Counter([err.code for err in value_errors])
ratio = sum([nb * weight_dict.get(err_code, 1.0) for err_code, nb in err_code_counter.items()]) \
/ cell_total_number
body_status = 'WARN' if ratio < config['body']['acceptability-threshold'] else 'KO'
return build_badge(structure_status, body_status, ratio)
def validate(source, schema, **options):
"""Validate a `source` using a `schema`."""
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