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Add test encoding unit tests

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XXX;YYY;ZZZ;FR*A17*P*ZZZ*3*_*_*_;Parking 1;D109A;06090;6.92641;43.59413;2;FR*A17*E*ZZZ*3*1*1*_;22.0;T2 - E/F;Payant (badge, appli et QR code);24h/24;RAS;2018/03/31
XXX;YYY;ZZZ;FR*A17*P*ZZZ*3*_*_*_;Parking 1;D109A;06090;6.92641;43.59413;2;FR*A17*E*ZZZ*3*1*2*_;22.0;T2 - E/F;Payant (badge, appli et QR code);24h/24;RAS;2018/3/31
from validata_core.helpers import ValidataResource
def test_detect_utf_8():
b_content = open("tests/fixtures/irve_accent_valide.csv", "rb").read()
assert ValidataResource.detect_encoding(b_content) == 'utf-8'
def test_detect_iso8859_1():
b_content = open("tests/fixtures/irve-driveco-201215.csv", "rb").read()
assert ValidataResource.detect_encoding(b_content) == 'iso-8859-1'
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