Commit 642a00e5 authored by Pierre Dittgen's avatar Pierre Dittgen
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Add repair=True to validata-api call

parent 59ae4078
......@@ -451,11 +451,12 @@ def validate(schema_instance: SchemaInstance, source: ValidataResource):
params = {
"schema": schema_instance.url,
"url": source.url,
"repair": True,
response = requests.get(config.API_VALIDATE_ENDPOINT, params=params, headers=headers)
files = {'file': (source.filename, source.build_reader())}
data = {"schema": schema_instance.url}
data = {"schema": schema_instance.url, "repair": True}
response =, data=data, files=files, headers=headers)
except requests.ConnectionError as err:
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