Commit 9b73c315 authored by Pierre Dittgen's avatar Pierre Dittgen

Don't use schema 'name' property from catalog.json

parent 7dd51014
......@@ -459,12 +459,12 @@ def home():
home_section['err'] = err_msg
home_section_catalog = []
for schema_reference in schema_catalog.references:
for i, schema_reference in enumerate(schema_catalog.references):
# Loads default table schema for each schema reference
table_schema = tableschema_from_url(schema_reference.get_schema_url())
"title": table_schema.descriptor.get("title") or,
"name": str(i),
"title": table_schema.descriptor.get("title") or "Schema #{}".format(i)
home_section['catalog'] = sorted(
home_section_catalog, key=lambda sc: strip_accents(sc['title'].lower()))
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