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improve config model

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"""Config model using pydantic"""
from typing import List, Union
from pydantic import BaseModel, HttpUrl
from typing import List, Optional, Union
from pydantic import BaseModel, HttpUrl, root_validator
class Link(BaseModel):
......@@ -26,10 +25,18 @@ class Catalog(BaseModel):
class Section(BaseModel):
name: str
title: str
description: str = ""
catalog: Union[HttpUrl, Catalog] = None
links: List[ExternalLink] = None
description: Optional[str] = ""
catalog: Optional[Union[HttpUrl, Catalog]] = None
links: Optional[List[ExternalLink]] = None
def check_catalog_or_links(cls, values):
catalog, links = values.get("catalog"), values.get("links")
if catalog is None and links is None:
raise ValueError("catalog or links field must be defined")
if catalog is not None and links is not None:
raise ValueError("only one of catalog and links must be defined")
return values
class Footer(BaseModel):
links: List[Link]
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